Monday, October 29, 2007

Oil supply goes downhill from here

Start putting together your Mad Max mobile. Read up on some literature so you can expect what comes next. Global petrol supplies reached the highest they can get, and it can only plunge from here.

from New Scientist:

EWG analysed oil production figures and predicted it would fall by 7 per cent a year, dropping to half of current levels by 2030. The announcement comes as oil prices reached record highs last week, at more than $90 a barrel, and contradicts optimistic projections by the International Energy Agency in Paris, France.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Kangaroo burgers can help stop Global Warming

Greenpeace says that one way we can help stop global warming is to stop eating beef, and start devouring Australia's national symbol. Here's a few tips on how to get started.

from the Herald Sun:

The eat roo recommendation is contained in a report, Paths to a Low-Carbon Future, commissioned by Greenpeace and released today.

It also coincides with recent calls from climate change experts for people in rich countries to reduce red meat and switch to chicken and fish because land-clearing and burping and farting cattle and sheep were damaging the environment.

They said nearly a quarter of the planet's greenhouse gases came from agriculture, which releases the potent heat-trapping gas methane.

Report author Dr Mark Diesendorf said reducing beef consumption by 20 per cent and putting Skippy on the dinner plate instead would cut 15 megatonnes of greenhouses gases from the atmosphere by 2020.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Kevin Ferguson signs with MMA organization

I've never tried to hide my enjoyment of the Kimbo Slice phenomenon. A fan of his backyard brawl videos, I rejoiced when he won his exhibition match against Ray Mercer. Now, the Beast is going pro. I'm totally joining Team Kimbo.

from MMA weekly:

Representatives of ProElite, Inc. on Thursday confirmed that the company has signed Kevin Ferguson (commonly known as Kimbo Slice) to a long-term contract. Exact details as to the length and terms of the contract were not disclosed.

Mental incompetents ruin legitimate trade in Netherlands

After a few accidents of high repute involving people whose common sense was impaired while they were sober, the Dutch government is banning the sale of psilocybe mushrooms.

For more on this topic, I forward you to the esteemed, late Mr. Hicks.

from the BBC:

Calls for a re-evaluation of the drug grew after a 17-year-old French girl jumped from a building after eating magic mushrooms during a school trip to Amsterdam in March.

Other incidents involving the drug have included an Icelandic tourist jumping from a balcony and breaking both legs and a Danish tourist driving his car wildly through a camping ground, narrowly missing sleeping campers.

"It's a shame, the media really blew this up into a big issue," said Chloe Collette, owner of the FullMoon shop, which sells magic mushrooms in Amsterdam.

She said all the incidents had involved magic mushrooms in conjunction with other drugs.

Boot camp murders ward

It seems that giving carte blanche and highly effective restraint/strangulation grapples to barely trained personnel isn't a good idea. Does anybody remember the Stanford prison experiment?

from the Philadelphia Inquirer:

The death has been ruled a homicide, the autopsy report says.

Bruce P. Levy found that Leach had "multiple hemorrhages" of his neck muscles from a clash June 2 with two staffers at the Chad Youth Enhancement Center outside Nashville.

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