Wednesday, August 31, 2005

"There are a few humans he could beat as well."

"He can kick to command with his two front feet at a punch bag or kick pad. It seems much better to teach a guard dog to do this than to bite." Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Run, Adam and Eve, run, T-Rex is Loose!

"We like to think of [dinosaurs] as creation lizards, or missionary lizards," said Frank Sherwin, a museum researcher and author.

Over Three Hundred Proofs of God’s Existence


(1) Look, there's really no point in me trying to explain the whole thing to you stupid Atheists -- it's too complicated for you to understand. God exists whether you like it or not.
(2) Therefore, God exists.

Books I want to read lately,!

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Chiroptera Inspired Robotic CEphaloid Project

The goal of CIRCE project is to reproduce, at a functional level, the biosonar system of bats by constructing a bionic bat head that can then be used to systematically investigate how the world is not just perceived but actively explored by bats. This bionic bat head will be of similar size to a real bat head to reproduce the relevant physics and consist of an emission/reception system capable of generating/processing bat vocalizations in real-time, a multi-degree of freedom mechanical system to allow realistic pinnae movement and shape control. Constructing the bionic head itself is one objective but a second objective is to gain more insight into neural sensory-data encoding from using the head in biosonar tasks routinely executed by bats.

Man Walks Into A Bar

"'Turn off the music,' says the man. The barman hesitates for a moment, and then obliges. After a couple of seconds, everyone realises that the music has stopped. The place goes quiet. Everyone looks up.

The man climbs up on top of the bar and produces a megaphone. 'This man here,' he says, pointing at the barman, 'says that there's no demand in this bar for alternative, independent or experimental comix.' He pronounces it that way, with an X. He's spent years practising it. 'This man here,' says the man, 'says that when you people go to a bar, you aren't asking for STREET ANGEL, or SCOTT PILGRIM, or IN THE SHADOW OF NO TOWERS, or even some generic, wholesome Eisner nominee. Is this true?'

The customers look a bit bemused. But after a few moments of silence, they signal, by nodding, that indeed it is true. They do indeed have little interest in such things.

'Are you seriously telling me,' says the man, 'that not one other person in this room is an admirer of the work of James Kochalka?'

The customers indicate, through a combination of confused looks and shrugs, that they are unfamiliar with Kochalka's work.

The man looks at them all with disgust. He shakes his head in amazement. He turns to leave. Then he pauses at the door and looks round the room.

'It's people like you that are killing the fucking industry,' he says."

Live on FOX news

SHEPARD SMITH: You’re live on FOX News Channel, what are you doing?

MAN: Walking my dogs.

SMITH: Why are you still here? I’m just curious.

MAN: None of your fucking business.

SMITH: Oh that was a good answer, wasn’t it? That was live on international television. Thanks so much for that. You know we apologize.

Requiem for Jack Kirby

The Jack Kirby Museum and Research Center is organized exclusively for educational purposes; more specifically, to promote and encourage the study, understanding, preservation and appreciation of the work of Jack Kirby. Posted by Picasa
"The U.S. continues to fund work in this field, despite the fact that it contravenes known laws of physics."

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Whirling Hall of Knives

It's sunday, the day before school starts, here at the University of Montana.

I've finally decided to do something with this blogger. I'm going to make this my short-term memory. Instead of bogging down my cranial flesh with it, I'll just pump it out here, like a rectum for my brain.

I don't promise quality. I do promise that I can think clearer from now on.

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